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Thursday, February 11, 201602/11/2016

The Worst Hotel In The World!

I’m working out trip details on “The Best Baseball Trip EVER!”. Step one when you put together a trip is…

Tuesday, February 9, 201602/09/2016

2/9/16 Obvious Things You Should Not SAY or DO to a Person in a Wheelchair…

A lot of people don’t think before the speak……. and say the most inappropriate things. These are “Things Not to…

Friday, February 5, 201602/05/2016

BIG NEWS! Can We REALLY Live a Longer, Healthier Life?

A team of scientists has just found a way to significantly expand the natural lifespan of mice and researchers think…


Wednesday, December 23, 201512/23/2015

12/23 The Day Before…

7:11am……….. Christmas? No, silly… the day before the Crawford sneak out of town to San Francisco. Husker-Bruins tickets printed: Check…


Tuesday, December 22, 201512/22/2015

12/22/2015 A secret: We’re going to a bowl game…

2:14pm……… So a couple of days ago…. I got to wondering: “Are there any cheap flights to the Husker Bowl…


Monday, December 21, 201512/21/2015

12/21/15 The 2nd Shortest Day of the Year!

10:38am……. Generally, 12/21 is the shortest day of the year, but tomorrow will be a bit shorter. THEN the good…

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10 mins ago in Agriculture

ASA Director Says Russia Soybean Ban Likely Political

soybeans 1

Starting Monday, Russia is banning imports of U.S soybeans due to what it calls phytosanitary concerns related to the risk…

15 mins ago in Agriculture

NCBA Working With CME On Volatility Concerns

2006-09-30 13.29.12

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has put together a working group with CME to address volatility problems in the cattle…

21 mins ago in Agriculture

NPPC President Elect Says New Antibiotic Rules Helpful


The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization says the overuse of antibiotics requires globally coordinated efforts. The FAO says that…

2 hours ago in Local

Record Year for Land Sales in Yankton County

Brian Hunhoff 021116

Yankton County saw a record level of land sales in 2015.

3 hours ago in Local

Minnesota Home Sales Up in 2015


2015 was a good year to sell a home in Minnesota.