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Road Construction

Ricketts Vetoes Nebraska Gas Tax Increase

It took Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts only a few hours to veto the gas tax hike passed by the Unicameral.


Delmont, South Dakota Hit With Tornado

An afternoon of storms swept through the region yesterday, bringing severe thunderstorms and reports of tornadoes. One of those tornadoes…

Iowa state capital 2

Iowa Law to Help Victims of Domestic Abuse

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has signed a bill into law that's designed to help victims of domestic abuse, stalking, sex abuse and human trafficking who want to keep their address secret, so their abuser can't find them.

School Books

Iowa Governor Urges Legislators to Solve Next Year’s School Funding Early

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is challenging legislators to make a decision about state aid for Iowa's public schools for NEXT year.


Nebraska Governor Vetoes Increase in Gas Tax

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has vetoed a bill that would have increased the state gas tax by six cents over the next four years.


Eagles Near Construction in Yankton Have Hatched

As construction continues on new wells for the City of Yankton, on the north bank of the Missouri River, crews have been keeping an eye on an eagle nest in a tree on the Nebraska side of the river.


A Small Community Makes for a Big Army

At first glance, he might look like a typical 13 year old, but Eli Kortan from Colome, South Dakota has a personality that touches everyone he meets.


Postal Workers To Hold Food Drive

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the 23rd anniversary of the nation’s largest food drive, and Feeding South Dakota is hoping to break their record.


Crofton Superintendent Nearing Retirement

With graduation this weekend in Crofton,(Nebraska) the longtime career of Superintendent Randy Anderson begins to wind up.

Dennis Daugaard

Daugaard To Welcome President To South Dakota

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard will share the stage with President Obama this afternoon at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown.

School Books

Iowa Public School Funding Debate May Be Solved

A flurry of high-level negotiations at the Iowa statehouse on Wednesday may have yielded a tentative agreement

chickens eggs

Avian Flu Continues to Spread

The Iowa Department of Agriculture on Wednesday identified six more probable cases of avian influenza.


Welfare Recipients in Iowa Will Not Be Drug Tested

Democrats in the Iowa Senate have rejected a Republican call for drug testing of all Iowans who receive state welfare checks through the Family Investment Program.

police lights

New Superintendent of Nebraska Highway Patrol

Nebraska lawmakers have confirmed Brad Rice as the next superintendent of the State Highway Patrol.

money 100

Federal Aid to Dependent Children to Rise with Inflation

A deal has been struck and about 6,000 poor Nebraska families will receive an increase in federal aid.

Rounds and Rook

Rounds Questions Fish And Wildlife Director

During a hearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee,South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds questioned US Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe about the agency’s aggressive techniques and possible intimidation toward landowners regarding land easements.


Business Computer Hacking Subject Of Meetings

Most businesses now depend on computers and the internet for a good portion of their activity, and most of those systems will get hacked at some point.

BNSF train 41714

Rail Authority Being Considered

The Yankton County Commission held a public hearing last night (Wednesday) on the question of forming a rail authority.


Wynot Open House to Discuss Highway Projects

An open house will be held in Wynot, Nebraska to discuss the proposed road improvements on Highway 12 and the St. Helena Spur.

Missouri River Mulberry Bend 60111

Missouri River Parks Contribute Millions to Surrounding Communities

The Missouri National Recreational River is a portion of the river that stretches 100 miles from Pickstown to Ponca and contributed more than $6 million dollars to the surrounding communities.

Recent Headlines

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Plenty of Jobs in Agriculture


A report recently released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows there are plenty of jobs in ag-related fields.

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Nebraska Attorney General Questions Death Penalty Repeal


Attorney General Doug Peterson is raising questions about the legality of a section of the death penalty repeal law passed by the legislature.

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Crash Rates Highest for Teens


A new study finds almost two-thirds of people injured or killed in crashes involving a teen driver are people -other- than the teen behind the wheel.

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Nebraska Lawmakers Override Governor Again


State legislators have overriden Governor Pete Ricketts again to pave the way for youth brought into the country illegally to apply for Nebraska driver's licenses.

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Minnesota Groups Supports Waters of the US Rule

wetlands water

A final rule to clarify which water bodies fall under regulations of the Clean Water Act has been released by the EPA.