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Student Obesity Plateaus in South Dakota

Childhood obesity is a growing problem across the United States, but South Dakota school age kids seem to be slowing that trend.

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FEMA Threatens Surcharge

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is threatening about 420 homeowners in Union County, South Dakota that have flood insurance policies with a 50 dollar surcharge, if the county doesn’t meet their deadline with certain information.

Rounds and Rook

Should Sequestration End?

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds says it may be time to end sequestration, especially concerning defense spending.

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Noem: GOP Proposal Moves Toward Balanced Budget

Republicans in the US House are introducing their budget proposals.

Fred and Rick Weiland

Democratic Operatives Form New Group

Two longtime democratic political operatives are forming an organization focused on moving issues through the ballot box.

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New Broadband Network Proposed

A summit will be held in Des Moines to discuss the creation of a wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety.

Iowa Legislature

Bill Would Change Collective Bargaining

Republicans in the Iowa House have passed a bill that would change the collective bargaining process for teachers and other school employees.

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Yankton County Sirens Finish Bidding Process

A project has been underway within Yankton County to install storm sirens in the lake area and later expand to other parts of the county.

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Thune: FCC Overregulating

All five members of the Federal Communications Commission appeared before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to talk about their “Open Internet Order.”

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Sutton Hopes To Address Teacher Shortage

The first members of the “Blue Ribbon Task Force on Teachers and Students” have been appointed by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard.


Daugaard Names Committee Members

The Blue Ribbon Task Force on Teachers and Students is being assembled by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Bernie Hunhoff

Bernie Hunhoff Has Low Expectations For Committee

The Blue Ribbon Task Force on Teachers and Students is being assembled by Governor Dennis Daugaard.

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Lots of Support for Tax Increase for Conservation

Dozens of environmentalists and hunters crowded into a committee room at the Iowa statehouse to show support for a bill that would increase the state sales tax by three-eighths of a percent.

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Iowa Highways to Remove Speed Cameras

The Iowa Department of Transportation released its review of automated speed and red light cameras and it recommends removing at least one cameras from each of the six cities.


Religious Leaders Support Medicaid Expansion

More than 170 religious leaders have signed a letter urging the Unicameral to expand Medicaid to cover 54-Thousand Nebraskans now without health insurance.


Winner Take All Bill Falls Short of Votes Needed

Debate during a filibuster on the winner-take-all presidential Electoral College bill turned testy in the Nebraska Unicameral.

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Tuition To Increase For SD University Students

As the budget numbers got tight toward the end of the 2015 session, South Dakota lawmakers decided they could not afford to fund another year of the university tuition freeze.


Net Neutrality Debate Continues

More hearings this week in Washington over the Federal Communication Commission’s push to add regulations to the internet.

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Transportation Bill Signed

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed Senate Bill one, which adds a number of fees and taxes for road and bridge funding.

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Polaris To Expand in Vermillion

A big distribution center for Polaris Industries in Vermillion is going to get bigger, and add more jobs.

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Marijuana Production on the Way for Iowans


A bill that would legalize the use of marijuana as treatment for certain medical conditions that cause seizures.

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Census Data Says Iowa is Growing

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The U-S Census Bureau released estimates this week showing Iowa's population has increased by two percent since 2010

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Omaha Police Appalled by Senator’s Comments

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The backlash against comments made by Omaha State Senator Ernie Chambers continues.

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Nebraska Senator Under Fire for Comments Against Police


A state senator called on Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha to clarify his controversial statements about the police.

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Chemical Warfare Meeting for Veterans in Pierre

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Veterans and the public will have the chance to learn about the damage chemical warfare has on those who serve in the armed forces.