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3 days ago

SD Starts Internet Tax Fight

The State of South Dakota has sued four major internet retailers over their failure to pay state sales taxes. In turn, the state was taken to court by two internet trade groups.


3 days ago

SDSU Foundation Honors Donors

Almost one thousand donors were honored last week by the South Dakota State University Foundation at an event at Frost Arena.

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3 days ago

Mid America Economy Stalling

The Mid America economy continues to sit in neutral, according to the latest survey of business managers.


3 days ago

Voting Registration Deadline in Nebraska

If you want to vote in Nebraska’s Primary Election, today is the last day to register.


6 days ago

Genetically Engineered Miniature Pigs Aiding in Research

A northwest Iowa company may be leading something of a shift to swine in medical research


6 days ago

Minnesota Traffic Deaths Reach 100

There have been 100 traffic deaths on Minnesota roads so far this year.

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6 days ago

Iowa Legislators Struggle to Conclude the 2016 Session

The Iowa D-O-T's request for an extra 10-million dollars to cover negotiated salary increases is one of the sticking points that remains as lawmakers struggle to conclude the 2016 legislative session.

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6 days ago

Rural Airports in Nebraska Can Now Apply for Federal Funding

Rural airports in Nebraska will be able to apply for federal funding now that Congress has approved a rider to the FAA reauthorization sponsored by Congressman Adrian Smith

Pregnant Woman Holding Blocks Spelling "Baby"

6 days ago

Compromise In the Works For Family Planning Services

A compromise may be in the works over where Medicaid patients in Iowa can get family planning services after July 1st.

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6 days ago

Concerns Grow That New Tax Money Will Be Misused

A Rapid City legislator says she is concerned that the money from new taxes passed this year may not go where they are intended.

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6 days ago

South Dakota Legislative Summer Study Includes Medicaid Finance

One of the summer studies for the South Dakota legislature this year will be the finances of Medicaid providers.


6 days ago

SD Senator Mike Rounds Meets with Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds met with Judge Merrick Garland this week in his Washington office.


6 days ago

SD School Districts Using New Funding Formula in Contract Negotiations

School districts around South Dakota have been getting information from the state Department of Education about the new funding formula, and how it will affect each district.

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7 days ago

New Effort to Allocate Funding Forms in Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Roads has formed a group to figure out how to allocate funding for county bridge improvements


7 days ago

Renewed Bid for Legal Fireworks Fails in Iowa

A renewed bid to let Iowans LEGALLY launch fireworks has fizzled.

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7 days ago

Iowa National Guard Unit Joining Operation Enduring Freedom

An Iowa National Guard unit is being mobilized as part of Operation Enduring Freedom


7 days ago

HIV Cases Increase in Minnesota

A new report shows H-I-V cases increased by 24-percent among Minnesota 20-to-29 year olds.

voting line approved rueters stock photo

7 days ago

Peter Rossiter Announces Candidacy for D-18

Democrat Peter Rossiter of Yankton has announced his candidacy for South Dakota State House of Representatives in District 18. Rossiter…

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7 days ago

Mayo Clinic Study Finds Ways To Minimize Post-Biopsy Complications

Absolute rates of biopsy and post-biopsy complications have decreased following benchmark publications on PSA screening, but according to a new study by Mayo Clinic researchers, the relative risk for patients continues to increase.


7 days ago

Colorado is Causing Problems for Nebraska Law Enforcement

Nebraska is taking another route in its legal action against Colorado for legalizing marijuana.

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SD Making Slow Progress Toward Medicaid Expansion

Bernie Hunhoff AM Legion 032116

Slow movement continues in the push to expand Medicaid in South Dakota.

3 hours ago in Local

Short Bridge, Long Debate

Todd Woods 10715

The Yankton County Commission this week approved replacement of a small culvert bridge over a tributary of the James River north east of Yankton.

5 hours ago in Local

Mason City Iowa says “No” to New Hog Plant


After a six-and-a-half-hour meeting, the city council in Mason City early Wednesday morning split its vote on the development agreement with Prestage Foods.

19 hours ago in Local

Colette Abbott, Wife of USD President Jim Abbot Dies


University Relations at the University of South Dakota has sent a release to students and staff announcing the death of Colette Abbott, wife of President Jim Abbott.

1 day ago in Local

State of SD May Face ADA Violations

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The US Justice Department has notified the State of South Dakota of possible violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act due to lack of community services.