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Paddlefish Season Opens March 1

Paddlefish season in Iowa begins this Sunday, March 1st on the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers.

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The North American Meat Institute is asking that the comment period for the 2015 Dietary Guideline recommendations be extended from…

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EPA Reports North Dakota Failure to Conduct Pesticide Inspections

EPA’s Office of Inspector General issued a report saying the North Dakota Agriculture Department failed to enforce and do pesticide inspections.


E.U Weighs in on Trans Atlantic Trade Talks

The European Union Ag Commissioner recently said during the Trans Atlantic Trade talks that issues over 95 percent of geographical indicators will be non controversial.

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Appeal Planned for South Dakota Wind Power Company

The Dakota Power Community Wind Board has decided to appeal the Lincoln County Planning and Zoning Decision to the full County Board of Commissioners.

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Iowa Tax on Biodiesel Blends

The Iowa Legislature created a 3 cent per gallon differential tax rate for B 11 and higher biodiesel blends in the road funding measure that passed both houses this week.

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Ag Groups Call for Fewer Budget Cuts

Close to 400 farm, nutrition and conservation organizations have written to Congressional Budget leaders urging them not to make any further cuts in any programs under the jurisdiction of the Senate and House Agriculture Committees.


South Dakota Farm Bureau Pushing for TPA

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman has been talking to county elected officials enlisting their support of Trade Promotion Authority.


Nebraska Farm Bureau Asks for 2014 Farm Bill Extension

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation is asking Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack to give farmers more time to sign up for the 2014 Farm Bill programs.

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Bill For Corporate Ownership to Encourage Expansion

North Dakota state senators have advanced a measure to allow corporate ownership of dairy and swine operations.


Bill for Corporate Ownership of Swine and Dairy Operations Heads to House

North Dakota Farmers Union leaders are concerned state Senators have approved a measure and sent it to the House to allow corporate ownership of swine and dairy operations.


No Meteorological Towers in Lincoln County

The Lincoln County South Dakota planning and zoning Board has turned down permits for five meteorological wind towers Dakota Power Community Wind wanted to put up.


Nebraska Farmers Union Against Packer Ownership

Nebraska Farmers Union leaders are expecting legislation allowing packer ownership of swine to move forward this week in the Unicameral

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Permits for Weather Towers Denied in Lincoln County

A group of Lincoln County South Dakota landowners, many of them with the group “We Care South Dakota,” have convinced the county planning and zoning board to deny permits.

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Meat Exports to Move with Port Labor Deal

Friday evening a tentative agreement was reached on a new West Coast port labor contract that will get meat exports…

Soy Transportation Coalition

Soybean Industry Pleased with Port Labor Deal

Friday evening a tentative agreement was reached on a new West Coast port labor contract. Mike Steenhoek with the Soy…

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NCBA Disagrees with Dietary Guidelines

Friday, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee submitted their recommendations to USDA and Health and Human Services.


Pork Board Reminds Consumers of Pork’s Health Benefits

Following the release of the new dietary guidelines, the Pork Board issues a remind about pork's nutrient density.

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New Dietary Guidelines Skips Lean Meat

South Dakota cattlemen are displeased that the new dietary guidelines don't include lean meat in a healthy diet.


Milk Producers Pleased With Dietary Guidelines

The new dietary guidelines suggest more milk.

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Housing Project Discussed

Westbrook Estates 022615

A new housing development in Yankton is part of the planning process for economic development.

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Thune Opposes Net Neutrality Regulations


The Federal Communications Commission will issue new rules to regulate the internet.

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Iowa’s Gas Tax to Increase


Iowa’s gas tax is going up March 1st. Within the span of two-and-a-half hours, votes were taken in both the…

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Iowa Company Granted Drone Exemption for Precision Ag

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A north-central Iowa company is the first in the Midwest and one of only three nationwide to be granted a federal exemption to use drones for precision agriculture projects.

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Nebraska Poll Finds Residents Not Afraid of Hard Work


The University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension recently completed their 19th annual Rural Poll and a portion of that includes employment statistics.