WTO Rules Against U.S. COOL Rule

WTO Rules Against U.S. COOL Rule

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The World Trade Organization has again ruled against the U.S. and declared its Country of Origin Labeling law violates world trading rules. The WTO compliance panel decided the amended rule discriminates against meat and livestock imports from Canada and Mexico and favors U.S. produced meats….even more so than the original rule. The panel pointed to the incentive to choose domestic over imported livestock and a higher recordkeeping burden contributed to the ruling. U.S. Cattlemen Association’s Jess Peterson says his group wants the U.S. to appeal the decision.

Peterson says they don’t expect retaliation from Canada or Mexico while the appeal process is in play.

He says even though COOL opponents have asked Congress to get involved in the debate, the issue needs to be decided by the WTO.

Peterson says his group is also asking USDA to review the ruling to determine if additional regulatory changes may permit the U.S. to come into compliance without weakening COOL.

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