Iowa Climate Study Finds Adverse Health Effects

Iowa Climate Study Finds Adverse Health Effects

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The fifth annual Iowa Climate Statement is being released, proclaiming climate change is real and humans are contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. The statement contains the signatures of 188 faculty members and researchers from 39 Iowa colleges and universities. Dr. Yogesh Shah, of Des Moines University, says Iowans are already experiencing adverse health effects as a result of climate change.

Shah, a founder of the Heartland Climate and Health Consortium, says some health issues are related to an increase in the mosquito population, which is caused by increased temperatures and carbon dioxide gas. He says for every degree rise in temperature, the number of mosquitoes multiples by eight-to-ten.

Signers of this year’s Iowa Climate Statement want 2016 presidential candidates visiting Iowa to be asked about climate change as part of the vetting process.

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