Market Analyst

Meet our knowledgeable group of market analysts, the best in the Midwest!

Kent Beadle

Market Analyst Kent Beadle works for Russell Consulting. Russell Consulting is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. You can reach Kent at 651-355-6576
kent beadle

Vince Boddicker

Market Analyst Vince Boddicker works for Farmers Trading Co. in Mitchell, South Dakota. If you are looking to get ahold of Vince you can reach him at 605-996-6500.DSCF4176

Brian Maas

Market Analyst Brian Maas works for CHS Hedging and comes to us from Mitchell, South Dakota. You can reach Brian at 605-996-7004.


Lauren Kaemingk and Brad Koomia

Market analysts Lauren Kaemingk and Brad Koomia co own Kooima & Kaemingk in Sioux Center, Iowa. They can be reached at 712-722-0023.

Darin Frye

Market Analyst Darin Frye works for Waterstreet Solutions out of Peoria, Illinois. You can reach Darin at 309-680-1222.
darin frye

Mark Shultz and Christian Mayer

Market analysts Mark Shultz and Christian Mayer are with Northstar Commodity out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can reach them at 1-800-345-7692.

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Tomm Pfitzenmaier and Tim Marsh

Tomm Pfitzenmaier and Tim Marsh are market analysts from Summit Commodity Brokerage. They are located in Des Moines, Iowa. You can reach them at 1-800-247-5869

Don Roose

Market analyst Don Roose works for U.S. Commodities in Des Moines, Iowa. You can reach him at 515-222-1393.
don roose

Bill Gentry and Chuck Shelby

Market analysts Bill Gentry and Chuck Shelby work for Risk Management Commodities in Lafayette, Indiana. You can reach them at 1-866-837-9027.

Chip Nellinger

Market analyst Chip Nellinger of Blue Reef Agri-Marketing is from Peoria, Illinois. You can get ahold of Chip at 309-550-7213.
chip nelinger

Bryan Doherty and Jacquie Voeks

Market analysts Bryan Doherty and Jacquie Voeks work for Stewart Peterson. They can be reached at 217-356-2606. They are located in West Bend , Wisconsin.

Doherty 024

Dennis Smith

Market analyst Dennis Smith works for Archer Financial services in Chicago, Illinois. You can reach Dennis at 1-877-377-7905


Paul Sedlack

Market analyst Paul Sedlack works for Advantage Commodities. Advantage Commodities is located in Pierce, Nebraska. You can reach Paul at 402-329-6532.

Rich Nelson

Rich Nelson works for Allendale Inc. in McHenry, Illinois. You can reach Rich at 1-800-551-4626.


Brian Grete

Brian Grete works for Pro Farmer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You can talk to Brian at 319-268-4353.
brian grete

Alan Brugler

Alan Brugler is President of Brugler Marketing and Management. They are located in Omaha, Nebraska. You can reach Alan at 402-697-3623
alan brugler

Pat Von Tersch

Pat Von Tersch woks at Progressive Ag Marketing in Luverne, Minnesota. You can reach pat at 507-449-2030.

Alan Kluis

Market analyst Alan Kluis works for Kluis Commodities. Kluis Commodities is located in the Twin Citties. You can reach Alan at 952-767-5507.
alan kluis

Steve Koenig

Steve Koenig works for Progressive Marketing Strategies located in Tyndall, Yankton, and Omaha. You can reach Steve at 605-464-4421.

Randy Martinson

Randy Martinson works for Progressive Ag located in Fargo, North Dakota. You can talk to Randy at 1-800-247-6803.
randy martinson

Elaine Kub

Elaine Kub is a DTN Contributing Marketing Analyst. You can reach Elaine at 605-644-6582.
elaine kub

Virg Robinson

Market analyst Virg Robinson works for Pioneer Marketing located in Johnston, Iowa. You can reach Virg at 1-800-247-6803.
virg robinson

Terry Svejda

Terry Svejda is a market analyst for Ag Masters located in Blair, Nebraska. You can reach Terry at 402-510-0778.

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