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    Falling Revenues an Issue for the 2016 Iowa Legislature

    Iowa Legislature

    Revenues for the State of Iowa have fallen below estimates for the last several months, and could lead to a budget crunch for the 2016 legislature.

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    SD MRC Rail Line On Schedule


    Reconstruction continues on the Mitchell – Rapid City rail line west of Chamberlain.

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    Online Help Scam


    Iowans may be sitting down to a turkey dinner , but don't be surprised if, even today, the phone rings and it's someone offering to help you and your "ailing" computer.

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    Avoid Sharing the Flu

    flu sick

    If you've been sick and get up ready to head out to a family Thanksgiving celebration, you might want to think about staying home.

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    Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts; Change Refugee Policy


    Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is sticking with his call for the country to halt any acceptance of Syrian refugees until the process can be completely vetted.