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Farm News

in Agriculture

Frost Damage in Row Crops Starting to Emerge

frost damage small soybeans

After initial thoughts the crop had escaped damage from the recent cold temperatures, some problems are starting to show up…

in Agriculture

Insect Management Knowledge Program to Provide Insect Answers

soybean aphids

Monsanto has announced that six recipients will be awarded research grants as part of their new Insect Management Knowledge Program.…

in Agriculture

Iowa Group Still Working Against Rock Island Clean Wind Project


The group opposing the Rock Island Clean Wind project is still working to get Iowa lawmakers to pass legislation limiting eminent domain.

in Agriculture

Region’s Bridges Are Among Worst in the Nation


A report released this week by the TRIP group a private non profit organization shows that Iowa has the third worst bridges in the country with 22 percent structurally deficient.

in Agriculture

Legislation to Allow Packer Ownership of Livestock Has a Long Way to Go


Time is running short for Nebraska State Legislators this session and a measure that would allow Packer ownership of swine and dairy has only gotten as far as the first round of debate .