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Farm News

in Agriculture

Ethanol Coalition Says Delaying RFS Decision Is Positive


Friday EPA announced they won’t finalize the 2014 RFS volume requirements until 2015. American Coalition for Ethanol Executive Vice President…

in Agriculture

Reform Coalition Asks Congress To Modify COOL

senate building

Friday, the COOL reform coalition sent a letter to Congress asking them to protect U.S. exports from retaliation by making…

in Agriculture

Milk Official Says Executive Order Falls Short Of Needed Reform

immigration reform

Last week President Obama issued executive orders to push forward immigration reform largely because the House failed to act to…

in Agriculture

GAO Report Shows Climate Change Impacting Crop Insurance

a river shore

A recently released GAO report says climate change could make the crop insurance program more vulnerable to potential losses. Nebraska…

in Agriculture

NCBA Comments On Grading Standard Proposal


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has submitted comments to USDA’s Ag Marketing Research Service regarding a proposed change in standards…